Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Smallmouth Food - Crayfish

Warm water fishing has been off to a slow start. It is not because the fish won't bite, but that mother nature wont give up. We have been battling high water the whole month of July. When we do get out it is in less than ideal conditions. So that has left me with lots of time to tie flies, so much time that I don't any more room in my boxes. This is the first post in a series of four that I am doing regarding Smallmouth Food.

El Crawcito is a fly designed by the Fly Fish Food crew. It is an awesome Crayfish fly that has some awesome movement in the water.
Near Nuff Crayfish, Dave Whitlock had this one right, it sinks super fast and keeps a great profile when being striped or dead drifted.
Crazy Leg Craw, This is my variation of Pat Cohen's Jiggy Craw. It is not on a jig hook, but with the lead eyes on the bottom you can get a nice jig action with it.
Schultz's Single Fly Craw, this is an awesome fly for big water bass. It holds a nice profile in the water, and with all the rabbit, there is no short of movment.
Lenny's Crazed J Claw, another masterpiece tied by Lenny. This guy is fully lead wrapped with a tungsten cone behind the eye. She drops and says dropped. Awesome for dredging the bottom. 
I don't have a name for this one just yet, but it is a combination of a lot of flies. It has some Crawcito in it, some Clouser Cray in it, and some of Lenny's Crazed Cray in it. Bass love rubber, so put it on a crayfish and you have something.

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