Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bugs A Fly'n

No matter what stream or river you head to right now, you will have no doubt, Spring is here. The bugs are flying. Two nights ago Joe and I took a short trip to the Tully, we were amazed at the bug activity. Stoneflies, Midges and maybe even a caddis or two, were everywhere. Its no surprise with the winter we had, and the warm 70 degree days that we are having right now, its going to be an early year, so get your dry fly boxes back out, fish are rising.

 I was fishing a small wild brown stream about a week ago and the same things were happening. Caddis and BWOs were everywhere, I grabbed a couple Olives as they lifted off the water, I was amazed at how big they were already.

Reports from Valley Creek are they same, Olives everywhere. Lenny and Jared from the Bryn Mawr store have been getting into fish on small BWO patterns down to 22s. Here are 2 fish Steve and I got last year on BWOs.

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