Friday, March 2, 2012

Featured Fly - Tooth Decay

This is a fly that was featured in Fly Tyer magazine this past summer. This fly has been very effective for me during high and off colored water. The hot orange butt gives something "extra" for trout to look at. I tie this fly in 3 different body colors: Olive Yellow, Brown, and Black. The olive and brown bodied ones work very well when BWOs are present.


Hook: TMC 3761 - sz. 14-18
Bead: Copper - to match hook size 
Thread: Olive Yellow
Tail:  Wood duck or Coq de Leon
Body: Tying Thread
Thorax: SLF Red Fox Squirrel Nymph Thorax
Wing Case: Med Holo. Tinsel - Black
Rib: Ultra Wire - Copper 
Hot Spot:  6/0 UNI Thread - Fire Orange

Step 1:  Start by making a small thread base. Tie in a 6 - 8 lemon barred wood duck fibers.

Step 2: Tie in Ultra wire to the start of the "Hot Spot", Wrap thread forward making a tapered body 

Step 3: Wrap the wire forward making a rib.

Step 4: Tie in the Holo flashe for the shell back.

Step 5: Dub the thorax.

Step 6: Pull shell back forward and tie off behind the bead.

Step 7:  Whip finish.

Finished Fly 

This fish fell to the Tooth Decay after flows well over 3,000cfs. 

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