Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Delaware River Weekend

The weather looked good, the campsite was reserved, boat was hooked up, and all the flies were tied, they were on their way. Joey and Leland left me at the shop Saturday while they disappeared to the Upper Delaware. All I could do was wait till it was 6 or maybe 5:45 before I was on my way, when I arrived to play shuttle and load the boat, I was greeted with a couple good stories of success. Maybe one or two of defeat, but we will leave that out :)

Joey and Leland did a shorter float - Stilesville to Indian Country, so they could spend more time at each spot, that and Joey had high hopes for the water upstream from the takeout. I showed up to their boat anchored just out of sight from a pod of rising fish. Small bright yellow Sulphurs covered the water, and fish were super picky, but they managed a few nice fish throughout the day.

So after the boat was loaded up, we were off the River Run for a cold beer and a hot burger. Around 11 we headed to the campsite to set up, start a fire, and maybe have a couple beers... Ok so there was no maybe in that.

The next morning we floated the same section, wind and high sun kept the bugs off the water and the fish down. Nymphing with Isos and Peasant tails produced a couple smaller fish that morning. I was fishing solo for the afternoon, walking and searching for rising fish with no success, I went to a dry dropper and started blind casting. It worked, still no big fish yet.

Around 7 the winds died down and the bugs started making an appearance. Olives, Sulphurs, March Browns, and even a few Isos. Fishing the far banks for a couple nice fish had me scratching my head wondering what I was doing wrong. Nothing, that big guy just didn't want what I had. So I moved on, and that was the right move.

Hot Flies: Orange Pheasant Tail, CDC Sulphur Dun, Para Sulphur, Iso Nymph, CDC Blue Wing Olive, Frenchie Nymph