Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This week marked the beginning of bass season for us trout bums at TCO. Its this time of year when all my time turns from the trout streams to chase the Schuylkill River predators we call Smallmouth bass. There is just something about these fish that gets me all jacked up. Is it the fish themselves? Or maybe the solitude of floating the river and seeing almost no one? Or maybe even just see the big bass before they see you (the only way to get a shot) Well whatever it is, I love bass season, and its here!

Thursday Joey and I took up our summer tradition of floating the river before work. Its was still a bit early and the stretch we float hasn't been known to hold large bass, buts its the Carp and Musky float and were there some carp. We didn't land any but I did have one turn and chase a streamer, kinda cool.

Yesterday, I floated our new stretch of water we are adding to our full day floats, Leesport to Felix Dam. It was awesome, Great water, lots of fish, and some big fish (just saw), and beautiful scenery. So if Tricos are too small, and the water is too warm, get the 6wt out and the streamer box, go bass'n!

Early Season Smallmouth Bass 

This was taken about 100yrds down from the boat launch.

Very red eyed Smallmouth bass, inhaled this streamer 

I love waterproof cameras 

A variation of the Deceiver, made out of Synthetic material.

One of my new favorite Smallmouth Bass Flies 

These 2 pictures are a Frog pattern I found while surfing the web for bass patterns.

Hot Flies: Zuddler Minnow, Deceiver, Orvis NBK Sculpin, Crazy Frog Thing ^

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