Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heat Warning - Tulpehocken Creek Report

This week started off a little slow for me. The fishing never really turned on, this could be due to a couple things. One in particular, water temps hit 71 degrees coming out of the dam, with reports of temps reaching 73 in the lower sections of the river. When the water temps are over 68 degrees PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, be mindful of how long you fight your fish, the time of day you fish, and if you can, switch gears to Smallmouth or your favorite cold mountain stream.

When trout exert energy aka fight back when you hook them, they build up lactic acids in their muscles. If they cannot cool down after the fight due to high water temps, they will basically cook from the inside out and go belly up. Trout however can withstand relatively hot water temps, Rainbows into the mid 70s without being stressed and Browns in the lower 70s without being stressed. I believe that trout can even withstand some upper 70s temps if it does not stay that hot for an extended period of time.

I know most of you have heard all this before, but we are trying to keep a fish kill if any very low. Being aware of the temps, and conditions on your local streams can help save the fish. Thank You

Now onto a nicer subject... The Report.

The water temps have come down a bit with this last front, and the fish have been up on caddis the last 2 days. Reports earlier this week said Trico fishing was slow, thinking it was from this hot muddy water. Either way look for them to become more active the next couple days, looks like day temps will not be getting over 85, with low 70s in the extended forecast.

Here are a few pictures from a float we did just before the water dropped to 150cfs.

And a couple from last 2 trips. The water came down to about 67 degrees yesterday morning, so we continued as planned. Fishing was pretty good, the picture taking not so much. Tan and Green Caddis littered the water for about 3 hours, right before the rain it kinda slowed so we messed around with a couple nymphs an picked a couple nice rainbows up.

Last week I found this web full of Tricos

Hot Flies: CDC Caddis, Pheasant Tails, Drowned Trico, Woolly Bugger, Caddis Larva, CDC Sulphur

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