Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Pursuit

Lenny has been obsessing over Toothy critters for some time now, especially Musky. He has tied about 500 flies, watched every youtube video with the word "Musky" in the title, and pounded the banks with a sinking line for almost 2 summers now. Well it finally paid off, Saturday morning Gavin, Lenny and I floated the lower section of the Schuylkill River, where I caught my musky last year. We had 3 follows, but I had to get to work, instead of just calling it a day, I offered up my rig, trailer, truck and all so Gav and Lenny could hit it again.

Well they decided to float the upper section, it was a while into the float when Lenny's fly disappeared next to a huge cluster of dead trees along the bank. Before Lenny could do anything a large Tiger Musky exploded out of the river. (This is how I imagined it, after Lenny told me the story.) Ill let the pictures tell the rest of the story.   

Schuylkill River Tiger Musky

Lenny's nicely tied Musky Fly, right were it should be

Way to go Buddy!
Thanks Gavin for the photos.

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