Saturday, December 1, 2012

Featured Fly - Biot Body Midge

After spending a couple morning on the Tully, fishing midges and watching fish rise to small emerging midges, I decided to take a break from steelhead flies and streamers. I put together this little midge earlier in the fall, it has been working great for me so far. It is a super fast and easy fly, I tie it with a glass bead, or a black tungsten bomb bead and Ice Dub collar.

Hook: TMC 2488 sz. 18-22
Thread: 8/0 Uni Thread - Black
Bead: Killer Caddis Bead - Small - Clear 
Body: Goose Biot - Black 
Collar: Peacock Herl - Natural 

Step 1: Slide glass bead onto hook.

Step 2: Make a thread base, warping until the middle of the hook bend. Tie in goose biot.

Step 3: Wrap goose biot forward, tie off right behind the glass bead.

Step 4: Tie in one peacock herl.

Step 5: Make about 4 wraps of herl, then tie off.

Step 6: Whip finish and start your collection

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