Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tube Flies - Advantage

Well my fishing has been on hold for a couple weeks now, high water around the great lakes has kept me home this last weekend. Besides a half day on the Salmon River, hooking 2 fish and landing 0, and a local trout trip to Valley creek, I have spent most of my time the past 2 weeks at the vise. For the past 3 or so years, I've become very fond of tube flies, from steelhead to trout, I think they give you a huge advantage. I was surfing the web checking out new patterns, and new technology for this form of fly tying, when I came across this little write up from HMH Vises. These guys make some awesome tools for tubes, and have some great styles of tubes, simple and easy to use. So if you have been thinking about getting into tube flies, check out this list of advantages from HMH, then stop by the shop and we can get you all set up. Or just check the back blog for some tubes Ive tied up.

Tube Flies have real advantages over conventional flies:

·       Pattern size and style aren’t dependent on hook size or style.

·       Hook can be placed further back in the pattern resulting in more hook ups.

·       Many tube choices - including weight, color, size, shape and length options.

·       Less hook leverage with shorter shank tube hook when fighting fish resulting in more landed fish.

·       Fly slides up leader and away from sharp teeth during fight.

·       If hook breaks or dulls simply replace it.

·       Many hook choices including treble, double and single.

·       Change easily from barbed or barbless.

·       Can use non stainless hooks in saltwater.

·       Incorporate cones and beads to add and adjust weight of flies.

·       Tie convertible flies – mix and match tailing material.

Great Lakes Steelhead that feel to a Leech Tube Fly
Variation of a classic, Green Butt Bunny Skunk
Tube Fly Sculpin Pattern

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