Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Featured Fly - BWO Nymph

Here is another great fly from the latest issue of Fly Tyer, I saw it and immediately grabbed all the materials to tie it. I have fished it a few times this winter, and it has performed will. Whether there is a full on olive hatch, or you know know that there is olives in the system, make this one of your first picks this winter.

Hook: TMC 2488 - 16-20
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 - Olive 
Tail: Senyo's Shaggy Dub 
Abdomen: Turkey Biot - Olive
Thorax: Superfine Dubbing  - Olive 
Wing Case: Scud Back - Black
Legs: Senyo's Shaggy Bug

Step 1: Make a thread base.

Step 2: Tie in a single strand of  shaggy dub, making a V for the tails.

Step 3: Tie in the Biot, then wrap your thread half way back to the hook eye.

Step 4: Wrap the Biot forward.

Step 5: Tie in the Scud back, for the shell case.

Step 6: Tie in one strand of shaggy dub on each side of the fly.

Step 7: Dub the thorax.

Step 8: Pull the scud back forward, and tie off.

Step 9: Whip finish and cut off.

Finished Fly:


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