Friday, December 6, 2013

Simms G3 Guide Bootfoot Waders - Review

 All I can say is, "its about time!", I have been wearing old Simms guide waders with the Royal Hunter boots for the past few seasons. I was ready for an upgrade, right about the time Simms stopped using Muck boots. These New waders are awesome, the reliability of the G3 with the comfort, warmth, and ease of a bootfoot wader. I have only worn them a few times now, but I can tell you right now, these waders are bombproof! The newly designed zip off Tippet Tender Pocket is great, it has a double sided zipper, so you can get into it without flipping the pocket out of the wader. A very nice feature for checking the time on your cell, without worrying about dropping it into the water. Many already know about Simms's staple wader, the G3, so I wont get into how awesome they are, but I'll move to the new boot. If some of you can recall, Orvis came out with a bootfoot last year with a BOG boot on it, the boot was a generic boot that they just attached to the wader, it leaked and Orvis had to recall them. I was sure the bootfoot wader was out of the picture for at least a few more years, nope Simms did it. They got with BOG, and this boot was designed specifically for the Simms wader legs. It is a great boot, however when deciding what size boot you need, go with the exact size of your street shoe, these boots are form fitted. It is a great thing, but most bootfoot waders you can get away with a size smaller. These boots are very comfortable, and relatively supportive compared to other boots I've warn in the past. This is a GREAT buy for the winter steelheader, or just about any trout fisherman that fishes through the winter! 

New G3 Guide Bootfoot Waders!

New Removable Tippet Tender Pocket
New BOG boots designed specifically for Simms Waders

The last few days on the stream, I was wearing just a regular sock, water temps were just under 37 degrees, my feet were comfortable. I would have had no idea the water was that chilly if I hadn't taken the temp, usually in the winter months, I can tell within 20 minutes, when my feet start to get cold. This weekend I will be testing them up north on the Salmon River, I will wear a new Simms Wading Sock, that should be all I need with these Awesome new waders!

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