Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Salmon River with the Mailman

Steve and I headed up to the salmon river for a quick one day trip, all thanks to the post office calling him in on his day off, but that's a whole other story. So we headed up to my sisters to get a few hours of sleep and pick up the boat. Snow was in the forecast, so I was hoping for a less than crowded river. The hand held band saw, sledge hammer, and little can do attitude was all it took to change Steve's 2 inch trailer ball to my 17/8 in. Needless to say we had a late start, but Steve was determined to waste no time. Hooking 2 small fish, on a not so traditional steelhead fly, the frenchie, size 12, we had high hopes. We moved down river, with the lack of anglers, we were able to fish just about anywhere we wanted, it was great! Steve managed 2 more hook ups, landing an awesome Hen, and loosing the other very close to the boat.

After a nice hot lunch, I changed flies to a small caddis larva, worked a lot of water, and managed to hook one smaller Hen and lose it, but it was an awesome fight. She jumped 3 times, and took a couple nice runs, all to break me off on the last run. Either way it was a great trip and almost no one on the river but us.

Oh yes, and here are 2 more photos from our Team meeting. The new simms sling pack in action, and a nice chrome one from the DSR, Thanks George for taking the Photos.

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