Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Featured Fly - Furry Czech

The Furry Czech is a simple combination of a couple different flies. I was sitting at my vise the other morning tying up some Cat Nips, Furry Foam Green Weenies, and Caddis Larva, when I decided to put thin skin on top of a green weenie. I thought it looked pretty cool, but it needed something else, so the next one got a hot collar. An hour later I had a pile of these guys tied up. I tied them in Olive, Fl. Chart, and Tan. We will see how they work tomorrow.

Hook: 2499 SPBL, 10-14
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 - color to best match bead 
Bead: Size to match hook
Rib: 6lb mono
Body: Furry Foam - Fl. Chart, Olive or Tan
Hot Collar: Sow Scud - Big Horn Orange 
Shellback: Thin Skin - Czech Spec 

Step 1: Make a thread base, tying in the mono as you go back.

Step 2: Tie in the furry foam. Bring thread forward stopping behind the bead.

Step 3: Wrap the furry foam forward.

Step 4: Dub a hot collar behind the bead.

Step 5: Tie on the thin skin.

Step 6: Take the mono and secure the thin skin, making a nice even rib up the fly.

Step 7: Cut off the thin skin and mono rib, then whip finish.

Finished Fly:

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