Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photos From the Stream

There could be a long story about friendship and unforgettable fish fights, but instead I'm just going to put pictures up. These are from the last few outing I've been on, all with close friends from around the east coast. East Philly to Vermont, its always awesome fishing with friends! 


  1. you continue to amaze me Jake. I follow your blog as much as possible , and I will take a 1/2 dozen of those little babys right there.
    excellent work here.

  2. Hey i recognize those pics. Big Spring! Best fishing day for me in a long time even though i didn't land anything. Just great company, some PBRs, and yes i will remember to mend upstream even when i can't see my dry! Can't wait to go back or hit the Tully with you and Bobby! Thanks for perfect day and guiding this fool around. Tight lines brother! Jeff