Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sticks and Leaves

Sticks and Leaves, thats how Lenny got out of a ditch on Penns Creek yesterday, we can talk about that later. This post is about an inspiration, that was much needed. Looking back at last months post, it is easy to see I couldn't find much to write about. I spent a lot of time at the vise and very little time on the stream, single digit temps may have had something to do with that. It wasn't until today that I really got excited about being on the water, and the up and coming season. However this story really isn't about me, its about my buddy Corey "the other guy" Siple, a fellow musky addict from Western PA. Corey and I met last year, when I was invited to our State College store to tie musky flies, and listen to Corey and his buddy Todd give a presentation about fishing for musky with a fly rod. We met up once last summer and did a float for toothy critters, that landed me my first Pike. Since then we have kept in touch, trying to get together so I could repay the favor, by rowing him down a river on the East side of the state. Today was it, we hit the water.

Corey and I had a rough year last year, him hooking nine fish and loosing them all, and I hooking three and loosing every one as well. Today the dry spell lasting over a year and a half was finally broken! Corey hooked into a hot musky, and held onto it long enough for a photo shoot! Hell Yeah man, you called it! Today was in fact "A Good Day!!"

I have to give a big thanks to Lenny for also pounding the banks with us, and rowing so I could chuck a chicken at the bank for a bit! This was the exact trip I needed to get jazzed up and inspired to start writing again!

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