Friday, September 5, 2014

Featured Fly - Clawdad

OK, so here is a sweet crayfish fly that has been out for a while now. It was first shown to me by my buddies at Mossy Creek Outfitters, it is relatively simple to tie, but moves like a bandit in the water. On top of that, smallmouth love it.

Hook: TMC 300 SZ. 4-6
Claws: Clawdad Tails - Multi Colors 
Eyes: Lead Eyes - Large
Body: Variegated Chenille - Color to match Claws 
Legs: Sili Legs - Color to match Claws

Step 1: Poke the hook through the claws and clamp into the vise.

Step 2: Make a nice base of thread, then tie on your lead eyes, clouser style.

Step 3: Tie in your chenille, and move the thread just in front of the hook point.

Step 4: Make 4 wraps with the chenille, and tie off.

Step 5: Pull the claws forward and tie in, move the thread all the way forward.

Step 6: Wrap the chenille forward, figure 8ing around the eyes.

Step 7: Tie down and cut off the extra.

Step 8: Whip Finish and cut off.

Step 9: Make a small thread base behind the eyes.

Step 10: Tie in 4 rubber legs, on top, bottom, and both sides.

Hint: Pull 4 full legs off, fold them in half and cut. Keep them together until all 4 sections are tied in.

Step 11: Whip finish and cut off.

Step 12: Trim the front legs.

Finished Fly:

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