Friday, September 19, 2014

Schuylkill River - Low and Clear

Well the water is now at an all time low, it is gin clear and sighting big fish is easy. However they can see you too, the first couple days after that last rain storm was a bit slow, falling water had made the fish very skittish. Now that the water is low and clear, but stable the fish have started to feed well again, it is fall and the fishing is slow in the mornings. The later in the day you go out, the more productive the fishing will be. The same flies that were working in August are still working well now, one good thing about the fall, you can now start to target the aggressive, bigger fish, fishing larger flies and moving them a bit faster. The top water bite has been pretty awesome too, a lot of "big hearted" fish, with a few super nice ones, the last couple hours of light the past couple evenings have been perfect for frogs and mice!

I had the chance to row one of my buddies new toys, the NRS Freestone Drifter, and Inflatable drift boat. Super awesome, fishing was very slow, but it was fun to row a drift boat again!

Inflatable Drift Boat, NRS Freestone Drifter
New NRS Freestone Drifter

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