Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Fly Fishing in PA

It has been a very fish filled week here in Eastern PA. We have been doing some early morning exploring of a few less traveled creeks. Which is where this beautiful rainbow below came from. With scuds and sow bugs crawling over every rock, fly selection was easy. Fishing new water you can’t leave without flipping a couple rocks over to see what’s underneath. The rocks were covered with, caddis larva, multiple mayfly nymphs, and even a couple aquatic worms. My flies of choice: Frenchies, SYE Sow Bugs, Blended Caddis Larva, and Rubber Z Wings.

Spring Creek Fly Patterns: Caddis Larva, J:Son Caddis, Rubber Z Wing Caddis, Sow Bug

Guide season is now in full swing and the fishing has really picked up on our local waters. We are still not seeing too many caddis flying around. However the fish are eating caddis larva and pupas, so it can't be long now.  This past week I had two more trips on the Tully and both ended with happy clients and fish in the net. A couple more warm nights and a little rain, and we should start seeing good numbers of adult caddis.

Tailwater Fly Patterns: Caddis Larva, Frenchies, Zebra Midges, and Sow Bugs 

For all you Upper Delaware fans, Tony and I ran up this past weekend for a one-day float trip. We did most of our damage in the riffles with Hendrickson nymphs and other attracter patterns. The water levels on the West Branch were below 400 cfs, which made floating difficult, even for my boat. The bug life became very active as the evening approached, and we had a few shots at fish on top. Once the water levels come up a bit, the Upper Delaware should light up!

Upper Delaware Fly Patterns: Hendrickson Emerger, Hendrickson Adult,  Hendrickson Nymph

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