Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Central to Eastern PA

The fishing has been on fire the past couple weeks. Once the caddis started the sulphurs weren't far behind them. We are getting reports of march browns, and yesterday I was flipping rocks on the Little J and all the march brown nymphs looked ready to pop.The changing weather and rain over the past few days has really slowed the hatches up a bit, so the dry fly fishing has been a bit slow. However nymphing with sulphur and march brown nymphs has been very productive.

I have found that the best approach to fishing the Tully this past week has been a dry dropper rig. Fish are rising pretty much all day long, but most of the surface activity in the mornings isn't really surface activity. The trout are breaking the surface, however they are not eating dries. They are chasing emerging caddis to the surface. I fish a dry caddis with a pupa and or larva under it, this has been working well for me. If you are heading out in the evening, take your sulphur box with you. Moose was out last night and send they were everyhwere. 

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