Friday, May 29, 2015

Featured Fly: Ice Bubble Sulphur Nymph

This is a variation of a fly I found in Montana a few years back. It has worked well for me all over the east coast. I was using it this past weekend on the Little J, and the fish couldn't resist. So here you go.

Hook: Orvis Tactical Czech Hook 14-16 TMC 2457 14-18
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 - Camel
Bead: Tungsten to match Hook 
Rib 1: Ultra Wire - Small - Copper
Rib 2: Pearl Tinsel - Opal 
Tail: CDL Feather
Body: Turkey Tail - Natural 
Thorax: SLF Dubbing - Nymph Thorax 
Bubble: Ice Dub - Yellow or UV Yellow 
Legs: Partridge Feather - Natural 

Step 1: Make a small thread base behind the bead.

Step 2: Finish making your thread base, while tying in you two ribbing materials.

Step 3: Tie in 10 CDL fibers to make the tail. Move the thread forward to right behind the bead.

Step 4: Tie in four turkey tail fibers, and wrap back towards the tail.

Step 5: Move the thread three quarters of the way to the bead.

Step 6: Wrap the turkey forward.

Step 7: Wrap the two ribbing materials forward.

Step 8: Dub half of the thorax.

Step 9: Make a small dubbing ball around the thread.

Step 10: Make a loose loop and place the dubbing ball on top the fly, then pull tight

Step 11: Dub the rest of the thorax.

Step 12: Take a partridge feather and tie in making legs.

Step 13: Add a little more dubbing, then whip finish and cut off.

Finished Fly:

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