Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Delaware TCO Team Meeting

If someone would have told me, this years fishing would top last years, I would have to call bull on that. As we loaded the boat onto the trailer with headlamps shining, I looked back at the river and just smiled, its trips like this that make me love that river. Conditions were borderline not even worth fishing that day, but after being run back to the car only 1/4 mile down river from a fast moving thunderstorm, we couldn't have asked for a better day. With times of zero visibility and torrential down pours, we were sure the bugs just wouldn't come back, boy were we wrong.

Waiting for Joey to send me the rest from his camera.

Having everyone together is always a good time, Saturday night George and Paul, met Lenny, Joey, and I at the bar, beers, food, and then back to the cabin for more beers. Hmm the thought of fishing the next morning around 9:30 that night seemed like a good one, around 2:00am maybe not so much. After our company meeting, we were all in waders walking the banks for rising fish faster than you could, well it was fast. It was another great night with Lenny doing big things landing a solid 22+ brown on a sz. 20 sulphur. Nice Dude!

Lenny capturing George with a beauty!

Lenny with his Delaware PIG

When our meetings were over Monday it was an immediate repeat of the day before, this time we had more time. The boat went in, with Lenny and his pontoon not far behind. This time I'm just going to let the pictures tell the story.

Yeah they loved the Tux

Joey with an awesome West Branch Brown Trout 

This picture should tell you all you need to know 

Photo evidence  

Even when it was dark the fog was still thick

One last thing... I got to test the New Winston BIIIX SX, this is going to be replacing the BII MX, it is an awesome rod, very powerful, with a deeper action than the MX. The 5wt is a great dry fly rod, and when it gets too dark to see your sz. 20 dry, cut that leader back and throw a streamer at the bank. It can handle it. More details to come.

Hot Flies: CDC Sulphur, CDC BWO, Iso Emerger, Sulphur Emerger, TUX


  1. the team meetings for my company just involve us sitting around the owners dinning room table and getting yelled at and watching them yell at eachother....true story.

    1. That sounds almost as bad as catching a 20" plus brown trout on a nymph :)

  2. The picture you captioned "Yeah they loved the Tux", might be one of the most gorgeous browns I've ever seen photographed.