Friday, July 6, 2012

Musky Flies

I think Brad Bohen said it best, "Open your musky fly box around women and they will giggle. Do that with your nymph box, see what happens."

I love that quote, Musky flies are in a class of their own, big, ridiculous, and unnecessary. Gobs of flash, feathers, and hair, make up these creations of art, that are supposed to get the apex predator to loose his mind and strike relentlessly. Musky fishing is a lot of casting, watching your fly swim in the water, and reminiscing about that last fish; so are these flies super ridiculous to get the fishes attention or to keep ours? Hard to say, but I will say tomorrow is the 1 year mark from my last and first musky to hand, what's kept me going? I think the flies have a lot to do with it, the way they move, the way they look, and of course they are fun to tie. Nothing gets you going like warping as much material as you can onto a hook, and somehow it still comes out looking like something. Something is a relative term here for sure, some say they look like a small bird, cast like a wet sock, and move water like an open cup being popped under the water. Either way tying them is just as much fun as fishing them.

It's Musky season and I've started tying like crazy. Today was the first time this year I saw a musky sunning in the shallows, if thats not enough to get you into the musky hunt, I sure don't know what else could. Here are a few patterns and color combos that I have ready for this season.

Hang Time variation, Musky Fly 

White and Fl. Chart. Musky Fly 

I love the big articulated Musky Flies  

This one should move some water

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