Saturday, July 20, 2013

Featured Fly - Dave Whitlock's Hare Sculpin

Here is a pattern that I had in my trout streamer box from Montana, I never used it. The while we were out last week, I looked in Jack's fly box, and told him to put it on (not realizing it was the same fly I had). Jack proceeded to catch fish left and right, the colors of choice were tan and olive. So naturally I asked Jack for one, and I came home and tied up a bunch. And now I'm sharing it with you.

Hook: TMC 8089 sz. 10-6
Thread: Danville 210 - White
Eyes: Dumbbell Eyes - Red or Black 
Tail: Rabbit Zonker - Natural Brown or Dark Olive 
Under Body: Rabbit Zonker - White 
Gills: Saddle Hackle - Red
Fins: Pheasant Rump - Natural 

Step 1: Tie on the dumbbell eyes.

Step 2: Wrap your thread back to the bend of the hook, tie in rabbit zonker.

Step 3: Take the other rabbit, punch the hook through the middle of the zonker.

Step 4: Measure and cut the rabbit the length of the hook. This just helps keep extra material out of  the way.

Step 5: Wrap thread forward, tie in saddle hackle, make 3 or 4 wraps behind the eyes.

Step 6: Take 2 rump feathers and tie in front of the saddle hackle, they will flare out making fins.

Step 7: Bring the white rabbit forward and tie off in front of the eyes.

Step 8: Flip the fly over, do the same with the other rabbit zonker.

Step 9: Trim the rabbit fur off the white zonker, some variations leave it on, I like it trimmed.

Step 10: Put a small drop of super glue at the back of the white zonker, push down onto the other zonker, securing the two together.

Step 11: Whip Finish, and you're done!

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