Friday, July 12, 2013

One More Day on the River

Jack, Casey, and I decided yesterday, to get get up at 4 and load the boat up and hit the river. It was a slow morning, a few rock bass, and creek chubs to start, but once we got into the fast water, the bass were ready to eat. Streamers, Hellgrammites, and Crayfish all worked well.

Its hard to take a picture of a follow, you are so entranced by just seeing one, that you just focus on the now, and don't take your eye off it until its gone. Then you look at each other and say, Damn that was a musky, and it was right at the boat. Getting a follow in the musky world is good day, they dont come easy, and just seeing one, can make your day. About 5 minutes before, Jack was sitting in the front seat, just letting his flies slowly drift on the deep bottom, when everything stopped. Jack lifted, and the rod doubled over, I got one look, the net was in my hand, and i was screaming at Jack "Dont Lose it!!!" He didn't.

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