Tuesday, July 16, 2013

High Sun, but Happy Fish

Six out of the last nine days, I've spent on the river. High sun and random thunderstorms, have made it a tough few days, but if you stick with it, you will get rewarded. We have boated a few nice fish so far this year, and our average fish are getting bigger. Its hard to say if its just the new water we are fishing, or if the system is continuing to get healthier. Either way, happy clients, make happy guides, and I'm happy! Yesterday was an awesome day, I floated solo for most of the day, bring a few nice fish to the boat, and one monster. On top of that, the number of big fish that have been seen is promising for a great season. Casey and Kyle met up with me around 5:30, and the rest of the evening proved that even the "pros", if you want to call us that, can have a rough time on the water. Kyle getting stuff about 100 times on the bottom, Casey wrapping is fly line around a log, then almost loosing 3 sections of his fly rod, that ended with him going swiming to get his line unwrapped. Me, well my morning was about the same, rocks, trees, and a broken fly line. Ha, but it was still an awesome and beautiful day on the river, I can't get over how beautiful the river is above Reading. Its just worth floating to look at the surroundings, oh yeah, and the Bald Eagles. OK enough typing, enjoy the pictures. 


Hot Flies: Clousers, Zuddlers, Deceivers. Colors: Chartreuse, White, and Olive 

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