Friday, July 19, 2013

Flooded with Smallmouth Bass

You all might get sick of reading about my smallmouth trips, but the season is in full swing, and the fishing is awesome. I get so excited when the boat gets pushed in the water every morning, so when my alarm goes off at 4 am to meet up with Jack and Casey, I'm up and out the door before I realize, I might still be tired from staying up tying flies until 11 the night before. The water is clear and the fish are getting more aggressive every day, we have seen the average size of  fish getting bigger. On top of that we have moved a lot more big fish, and if I wouldn't have blown it on the last float, I we would have boated at least 2 over 16".

Other than fishing, the fly tying has picked up at the bench as well, Casey and I have been messing around with Fish Skull Frantic Tails, they move awesome in the water, and really drive the bass nuts. Being a guide who ties his own flies, I love simple, the faster I can refill my box after a couple trips the better. These tails are awesome for that, tie the tail, wrap some rabbit, and slide a skull on, you're done!

Hot Flies: Hellgrammites, Zuddler Minnow, Hare Sculpin (new featured fly coming soon), Clouser

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