Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another Two Awesome Days

Everything went as planned, thats what I said to myself as I pulled the boat out after the last 2 trips down the river. Great Clients, awesome fish, and perfect water. Matt Grove, a repeat client, and long time TCO customer, had an awesome morning on the river Tuesday. We had smallies on all morning, with a couple solid fish. The double deceiver became Matt's favorite fly, almost every fish regardless of size ate it. On top of that, we had a sick musky follow right to the boat, Ill take it! Way to go Matt!

"0% Chance of rain until 1:00 pm yesterday", thats what I said to myself at 8am, when the rain came down in buckets for 3 hours. Lee another repeat client, and his friend Ralph put their rain coats on and both smiled saying "well beats sitting in the office", I had to smile. It was a slow start with the rain, but poppers kept the action going, until the rain stopped. It was like a light switch, rain stopped, fish started, the conditions were perfect, clear water, zero sun, and zero wind. Lee, had the first smallie, it was only about 6 inches, but it was a smallie, then Ralph took over the show. The olive zuddler minnow, couldn't be stopped, small fish, big fish, and really Big fish, they all ate it. Ralph was the first to get into a monster, 17.5 inches on the rod. Then we were rowing through some fast water, I was trying not to hit rocks, as Lee says "got one", I look up to see the line flying past the boat, once I got out of the fast water, I dropped the anchor, stood up, damn another awesome one! We had fish the rest of the day, lost a couple other big ones, and landed a few other nice ones. Awesome day Lee, and Ralph!

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