Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trout Fishing in the Summer

Well I cant remember the last time I fished the Tully, the water has just been too warm to fish, or I've been out chasing smallies, either way its been a while. I have made one trip up to the delaware in the past month and fished a little brown trout stream only once since I started for bass. This seems to be the norm for me the past few summers. I do love trout, but when I can float a beautiful river, sight fishing for bass, with almost no one around, I do that. But back to the trout, if you have been thinking about trout fishing, many of the State College streams are still in good condition to fish, Spring has been fishing well, the Little J, has had decent fishing, and Penns is low, but its cold. Also the spring creeks down by Harrisburg have been fishing well with terrestrials, and lots of reports from the Yellow Breaches too. So if bass are not your thing and you are chomping at the bit to get our and find some fish, Check the water temps first, but there are still plenty of trout to be had.

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