Friday, August 2, 2013

More Smallies

Even with the weather man calling for 50% plus chance of rain, we decided to gamble yet again. From the moment I got in the car yesterday, I couldn't help but think top myself, damn lost again. It rained the first 3 hours of our trip, fishing was slow, but we made the best of it. Then coming into the last half of the trip, the rain stopped and the fish were on. Its hard to say if it was exactly when the last raindrop hit the water, or a few minutes after, but it didn't matter, the bass put their feed bags on.

For the past couple weeks, We have all been putting in a lot of time floating the Schuylkill, The bass are hungry and getting bigger. This year has been an awesome year so far, we have 2 more months to go, ill be praying that it doesn't slow up. Casey and Kyle have been floating every Saturday for the past month, so I can say someone from the shop has fished the Schuylkill at least 4 days a week, some weeks hitting 7 days.

Beautiful  scenery, very few people, and happy, healthy fish, I love this river.

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