Saturday, August 10, 2013

Featured Fly - Todd's Wiggle Minnow

Here is a fly that has been passed around my saltwater boxes, into my smallmouth boxes. I was given a couple of these years ago, it was always the fly I just "Had" in my box. That is, until Gavin came in and grabbed the materials to tie them last year for smallmouth. A few days later we had a 2 boat trip, and he dominated on this little guy. Fast forward about a year, here I am getting ready for a striper redfish trip with Casey, I need a few popper for breaking fish. So I tied some up, super fast, simple, and fun to color.

Hook: TMC 811S or TMC 8089
Tail: Craft Fur or Frosty Fish Fiber 
Tail Support: 20lb Mono Loop
Body: 3/8" Foam Cylinders - White, Black, Chart.
Eyes: CCG Eyes 

Step 1: Make a mono loop at the bend of the hook.

Step 2: Take a small clump of flash blend out.

Step 3: Tie in a small clump, you want this to be the same color as the bottom of the fly.

Step 4: Tie in another clump of Flash Blend, the color of the top of the fly.

Step 5: Wrap your thread forward, whip finish and cut off.

Step 6:  Take a razor and trip the front of the cylinder, cut about a 45 degree angle.

Step 7: Cut a slit in the center of the bottom.

Step 8: Slide the cylinder over the hook. Super glue it together, forming a slight curve in the body.

Step 9: Glue on the eyes, then take either magic markers or Prisma marker and color.

Finished Fly:


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