Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Delaware - Add it to the list

There is something relaxing about a beach, a fly rod, and a sleeping bag. Last weekend Casey and I decided to chase a rumor about Redfish in Delaware. The plan was to leave after work, fish till high tide 11:37pm, sleep on the beach, wake up, and fish till high tide again. Well it wasn't long before I heard Casey yell "fish", not a red, but a distant cousin, the croaker. About 10 mins later I had something tugging on my clouser, lost it. We fished until about 1:30am had a beer, then passed out of the beach.

The next morning we woke up, to low tide, and birds squawking. I made some coffee, had a granola bar, and I was in the water, this was going to be it. I could feel it, the reds were going to be busting bait right of the beach. Nope, that didn't happen, but the croakers were happy to eat again, Ill take it. So no Redfish, but ill be back down for sure, it was an awesome experience.

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