Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lets Try This Again - Ohio

After a few tying sessions mixed with beer, and virtually no planning, Leland and I were headed west to Ohio to try it again. If you remember from our last trip, cold weather and slush made it almost impossible to fish the Ohio tribs, so we headed over to Elk and landed one fish. So this time, heading up in November instead of January, we were hoping for a better outcome. But hey its steelhead fishing, anything can happen.

We started off our trip on the Chagrin, going back to the same place we hooked the only 2 fish of the day, last trip. We fished for a while, leaves and high wind made it difficult to get good clean drifts, so we headed up stream. We walked around the corner and found a sweet run, looked deep, with a slight riffle to it. About 15 mins later I had a beautiful hen in the net. Seeing almost no one all day, it was an awesome day, Leland hooked 3 and lost them all, so 4 fish on was already better than last year.

Day 2 we headed to the Conneaut, to a spot Casey told us about. The water was a bit high and off color, but man was it a sweet section of river. No fish there, so we headed up river to a spot we looked at the last time we were there. Not a person on the river, and again some awesome looking water, we nymphed a while with no love, so I put a sink tip on and started swinging the slower water. After a bit of a quite spell, I hear Leland yelling "theres a fish!", I look up to see a chrome fish jumping out of the water. After that we went 3 for 3 and one on the swing. It was an awesome trip.

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