Friday, November 22, 2013

Product Review - Simms Sling Pack

In the past I used to review products but for whatever reason, I haven't done them for a while.  A new goal of mine is to post a few reviews monthly and the first comes directly from our company meeting over this past weekend.  Our product reps were at the meeting so here are some of my (and other TCO employees') thoughts on soon-to-be-released gear that we tested over the weekend.

This review is on the new Simms Sling Pack, new for 2014, it will be available for purchase December 1st. You better bet I'll be the first to order this pack! The whole "sling pack" concept has been around for a while, but just recently has the concept turned from just a pack that is slung over your shoulder and out of the way. Today they have been designed to store your tackle behind your back and out of the way, but when needed they are pulled around front and turned into an organized work bench. I have always been a hip pack guy, not anymore, after fishing in the Simms sling pack for 2 days, I'm counting down the days till its available. A very well designed bag and super comfortable to have on when loaded down with all your steelhead fishing gear. It has two main pockets, one is a molded foam pocket, with a removable tippet post, two removable floatant holders, and is lined with micro fleece so you can put a velcro fly patch in it, if you choose. The second main pocket is the storage pocket, it can hold lunch a light raincoat and had pockets throughout to separate all your fly boxes. I could go one about the water bottle holder, and the new magnetic tool caddies with a place for a zinger, but ill show you some pictures. It is truly an awesome, and well designed bag, stop in the shop and grab one, if you are looking for an excellent steelheading or all around fly fishing pack!

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