Thursday, December 27, 2012

Featured Fly - Winter Stone

Here is an awesome Winter Stone Fly pattern that I have been tying up since the Fall. Stoneflies be a common bug, found in most streams in the Mid Atlantic, this is a great fly to have in both your trout and Steelhead boxes. This fly has done very well for me this year, fooling fish on streams from NY for steelhead and browns, to trout streams in PA. I tie it from a 14 to a 10, for the black and brown winter stones.

Hook: TMC 2302 sz. 10-14
Thread: UNI Thread 6/0 - Black
Bead: Cyclopes Black - Sz to match hook
Tail: Goose Biot - Black or Brown
Rib: Ultra Wire - Brassie - Brown
Body: SLF Dubbing - Black Stone or Brown Stone 
Shellback: Swiss Straw - Black or Brown 
Legs: Mallard or Partridge - Black or Brown
Wing Case: Swiss Straw - Black or Brown 
Thorax: SLF Dubbing - Black Stone or Brown Stone 
Antenna: Goose Biots - Black or Brown 

Step 1: Make a thread base, tying in the ultra wire at the same time. Once at the hook bend, make a    small thread ball. (this will help split the biot tails)

Step 2: Tie in the 2 goose biots in front of the thread ball.

Step 3: Move your thread to the front of the fly, tie in a piece of swiss straw. (for the smaller flies split the straw into 3rds length wise)

Step 4: Add the dubbing the the thread and dub moving forward, about half way up the hook shank.

Step 5: Pull the Swiss straw forward, pull tight, then tie down.

Step 6: Rib the body with ultra wire.

Step 7: Dub the back of the thorax.

Step 8: Take a partridge feather and split the tips of the feather forming a "V". Then lay the feather down with the fibers sticking out each side, making the first set of legs.

Step 9: Fold the swiss straw forward making a wing case. 

Step 10:  Repeat step 8 and 9.

Step 11: Tie in goose biots out the front forming the antennas. 

Step 12: Trim the goose biots, then whip finish.

Finished Fly:

Here are a couple fish that fell to the Winter Stone this past fall and winter:

This Oak Orchard Brown fell to the Winter Stone  
This Salmon River Steelhead fell to the Winter Stone 

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