Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tully Report December

Fishing on the Tully the past few days has been pretty good, with the temps slowly dropping again I would suspect the top water action to slow up a bit. Over the past week I have been seeing midges all over, and fish up eating them with some consistency. Nymping has been the best, small black midges, caddis larva, and pheasant tails, are top producers.

Not heading north the past weekend, I decided to take the switch rod out and practice a bit. I had a couple new creations I wanted to test out as well, see if they looked as cool in the water as in my vise. Six nice rainbows later, I figured I had done something right. So naturally I had to head back out today to try again. Temps were a few degrees cooler, but I still managed a couple fish.

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