Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review 2012

So this year I made a goal to fly fish 10 different states, unfortunately I feel short by 2 states. However this year was one of my best years ever for fishing, not just the catching, but the stories and experiences that came with some of these trips. 2 failed trips to VT and FL, are the blame for not hitting the 10 state goal but hey what can you do. I know just make it your goal again! So thats the plan, my goal is 10 states with the fine print of possibly 12. We will see, but as you all fill your cups and say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013 I'm going to do the same, here are a couple photos, both fish and other from the 8 states I did make it to.

First state of 2012 was Ohio, it was a cold weekend and only a couple hook ups, none to hand, but this fish was from the same trip (only caught in Erie)

Memories from PA 2012

2012 in MD, the summer of state record Yellow Perch 

Trout and Steelhead of NY in 2012

Alaska! it was a long time coming but I made it back in 2012. Finally

New Jersey, just some ducks and a nice photo, 2012

12 hours there 12 hours back, Michigan 2012

Montana 2012, it was a great trip, exploring new water and fishing water that I've walk through once before 

So lets all welcome 2013, and thank 2012 for being such an awesome year!!!

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  1. you are...a sexy...BEAST. nice year in review.