Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tully Winter Fly Selection

Its been a strange winter so far, 45 to 50 in December with only a couple cold days in the 30s. Some like it, I do not! Bring on the cold, but anyway thats not why I am writing this post. This one is about the fly patterns that have been producing over the past month or so, and will continue to do so until the caddis start to fly in the spring. 

It is no surprise that, the Tully being a tailwater, midges are the primary fly in my box from November until March. However there are plenty of other bugs floating around under there, caddis larva(not my favorite this time of year), mayfly nymphs (PTs, and Princes), stoneflies (black and brown), worms (San Juans), and crustaceans(scuds). So if you were to look into my box this is all what you will see this winter. In the pictures below you will see a few variations of basic patterns and a few that you may have never saw before, either way, they have all worked well for me, not just the Tully but many small steams around the area.

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